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Hello my name Is MARTA MENGOD. I was born and live in Barcelona. I am an economist and after practicing for too many years as an auditor, I changed the laptop for the camera. I founded the Leclic studio, specialized in portraits and "making of". After years of looking for a new approach to everyday portraiture, I started working in photocomposition and large formats. This artistic incursion came to light for the first time at the TOYZ exhibition, at the prestigious Miquel Alzueta gallery where I exhibited on several occasions. I currently work for different brands and agencies as a photographer, covering all the visual communication needs that the client requires. My versatility allows me to adapt to all types of clients and I manage well in the times and needs that the digital environment requires.

My goal is to help you to tell your story accurately, honestly or artistically, it's up to youDirect communication with the client is vital to focus the project and to achieve results that exceed all expectations.

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